We believe the following strategy will accomplish our mission.

Strategy Definition –

Strategy is the process that determines “how” your ministry will accomplish its mission.

THREE MAIN MINISTRIES: At Northside, there are three main ministries that we want everyone to do as we pursue our mission together. 


W-W-W (Worship, Walk, Work). We will be passionate about developing fully devoted followers of Christ by using the acronym W-W-W or Worship, Walk, and Work.


Worship in the Sunday Worship Service.

Walk together in fellowship.

Work in your World.
To be an obedient follower that is making obedient followers will require each one to be a faithful attender of the Sunday morning WORSHIP time as well as a faithful member of a LIFE group where they learn the WALK and WORK of the Christian life. Home groups will also be a part of our strategy to deepen friendships as we do life together.

We believe if every person would be faithfully and obediently involved in these three ministries they would be well on their way to becoming a faithful follower of Jesus Christ who is making faithful followers of Jesus.